Not many people know that Severo was the winner of the first and only Community Music 1023 Battle of the Bands in Culture Club Alabang. That very same event created Rock Radio Cafe Alabang. The Battle of the Bands was so succesful that Culture Club and Community Music 1023 had to team up.. then RRC was born. The band played at the venue several times with a lot of other productions and if memory serves me right they were also there when we shut the whole thing down. They are the reason for the whole scene them and a slew of other, during that time, new bands.

Now, years later the band has been touring around the country and just recently released an EP. This particular song was a demo but I  kept on asking the guys when they would release something so we could play on-air. Victim of TV was it. Enjoy.


The Yellow Room

The yellow room served as the recieving area for Rock Radio Cafe. On some weekdays it was the bar area where patrons can see the radio booth, make requests (if our volunteer dj was willing), and throw down a few drinks. RRC Manager Jash also utilized our Yellow Room as an Art Gallery where aspiring southern metro artists showcased their work.  On great gig nights the crowd would spill into the yellow room if the main area was packed. Event organizers would be stationed right in front of the main entrance and greet our loyal customers.

Bast Artadi

A two track demo submitted to us by one of our volunteer dj’s back in 2003. This was when 50% of Wolfgang was trying it out in the United States. The CD case simply stated, “Kitaan (Bast Artadi’s new band)”. I am not sure if Wolf Gemora was part of Kitaan but shortly after they formed Lokomotiv with Basti. I find it appropriate to showcase this track because the Wolfgang crew is back minus Wolf. Now, Wolf is in Manila with Three Headed Dog alongside Dave Aguirre (formerly of Razorback).

I’ve been seeing and hearing a lot of media plugs of Wolfgangs return. I read somewhere that they will be touring under the Tanduay First Five concert series taking them around the Philippines. Now whoever said Pinoy Rock is dead can eat my size 10’s!

I’ve been also checking my view stats for this blog and am surprised by the number of views. Given that I haven’t been pushing the blog just yet in all the social networks I am glad people still stumble on our little site. If you have a band and have a demo send it over my way and we just might post it. The address to send it to is

Twisted Halo

From Twisted Halo’s second (and last) album. The first single we played at Rock Radio Cafe. Though the band Twisted Halo is no longer with us you can watch front-man Vin Dancel with his new band Peryodiko and guitarist Jason Caballa with Pedicab. I believe a reunion concert was held several months ago in SaGuijo.

I was detained in sick bay for the past few days so posting was impossible. Not that it didn’t help though because I was still unsure of what my next post was going to be. A Rock Radio Cafe blog wouldn’t be complete without the band Kapatid because without the band Kapatid the radio station and bar would not have been as succesful. So cheers to Kapatid!

Giniling Festival

Am I so out of touch? Should I be THIS impressed by what Giniling Festival did with their 2nd album? Giving away albums have been done and free downloads are now part of the pinoy music industry. What Giniling Fest did was somewhat create a virtual album on their website: Where they want you to download and share a few tracks from the new Makamundo album. I discovered the bands offer from a link on their official facebook site. I saw them way back in ’07 in Racks El Pueblo and have been a fan ever since. It’s a shame that it took this long for them to come out with another album.

The new album will be split up into three parts all downloadable this year. Instead of charging they ask for your support and to help spread the word on this. I think its genius.

Once you download the tracks from their website you get three songs: Astig, Haka Haka Hula Hula, and Hipon. They maintain there fast metal sound with quirky lyrics that makes them a fun band to watch. My song of choice for this post is the tune Astig. A funny poke at the filipinos obsession with trends. Everyone wants to be, “Astig”

As of this post the band will be playing in SaGuijo tomorrow night. The missus and I will try to catch them.

So go forth and spread the word on the 2nd Giniling Festival album, Makamundo.

We have come across a lot of great bands during our short stint. Bands come and go and play in other venues but it is sad to hear when some bands have to call it quits. Especially acts that have made a mark in the local music scene. Sugarfree is one of these great acts that continuously come out with fantastic songs that not only fortifies the pinoy rock genre but also transcend to educate and introduce local musicality. It is a shame to see them go but I am sure, for whatever reason, there music as individuals will still continue. Of course the music that they created as a band will live on. Salamat sa Sugarfree.
As of this post the band will be playing their last gig at 19 East Sucat at 10PM.